Mobile Truck

Mobile Truck

Our mobile truck will be the life of the party.  No event is complete until it is a BIG sexy event.

We classify food truck events in three categories.

Single Pay: Guests will not pay at the truck for individual items.  We provide up to 4 hours of service with either a full or amended menu.  Cost is broken down in the following way:

Pre-Paid Food:     $300.00

Staffing Cost:         $400.00

Service Cost:          $300.00

TOTAL:                   $1000.00

additional food cost must be paid immediately following the event.

Multi-Pay: Guests will pay for individual items they order.  We have a $500 minimum sales requirement.  Any difference between the minimum and actual amount must be paid immediately following the event.

Special Event: We can craft an arrangement specific for your event.

Check out our mobile menu HERE