The Best Food Truck In The World

Its not bragging if its true.  We are the absolute best food truck on the planet.  Our food will not only blow your socks off, it will melt your feet in the process with its awesomeness.  We have flatbreads and sandwiches that will make your head swim in the presence of their total yumminess, BUT…Our burgers will send you into a food shock of epic proportions and make you furious at anyone who ever dared to serve you a burger in the past.  Yeah.  It’s that good.

Just Check out what the reviews are saying…

“Never have I ever eaten a burger with so much bad#$$ flavor.  I mean for real.  I could almost hear my teeth thanking me for allowing them to chew this gift from God.”        –  Abraham Lincoln

“I love this food more than my own son” .   – Ann Hale (our chef’s mom)

“Everything I have eaten up to the point of eating at Big Sexy Food makes me angry at food.  The only thing better than eating at Big Sexy Food is the birth of my twin daughters, just kidding.  Nothing is better than eating at Big Sexy Food.”    – Author Unknown