Our Chef



Chef Hale started cooking when he was just a young boy.  He learned to make popcorn balls and biscuit dough mini pizzas.  They were pretty darn good too.  But, alas, no one would hire a 5 year old boy to run their restaurant.  Thus, the struggle began.

He became a dishwasher for his first boss, his mom.  He was in charge of loading and unloading the dishwasher after each meal.  Being in the kitchen felt so natural to the young chef.

As he grew so did his love of food and desire to make a name for himself.  He later became a bus boy at a local steak house but longed to be in the kitchen.  It wasn’t till after a short stint in college that he finally made the world changing decision to enter culinary school.

Brent attended culinary school in Arlington, Texas at a local community college.  It was clear early on that he was waaaaay better than everyone else (nor really) and soon he was offered a job.  He left school to pursue a career as a personal chef.  It was fun.

It was during this time that he began his first culinary business, “Dining By Design” a small catering company that started out as average at best but over time grew to be pretty darn sweet.

Chef Hale moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2008 for…well thats a long story for another time.

Chef Hale founded BIG sexy Food in January of 2016 specializing high end, in home dining.  We still do this and we are really great at it too.  BIG sexy Food expanded into the food truck business in August of 2016 because, well, why not right?  We now have three trucks across Northwest Arkansas and love every second of it.

Chef Hale was a recent winner of Guys Grocery Games on the Food Network, “Friend or Foe” episode and returned back for the “Supermarket Rematches” episode where he was destroyed by a cool vegan chef out of Dallas named Jessica.  Yeah, it was bad.